Take A Hike is a great company. Anytime we go out of town we never have to worry about our pets because we know they are in great hands. We would recommend their services to anyone!
— Glenn Beck Jr. & Bradley Ryan Hoffman

Take A Hike is a Denver based dog walking and pet care service center where we make it our priority to make your pet one happy camper. At Take A Hike we offer a variety of services to care for your furry family member while you are away at work, enjoying a lovely vacation, or up to other activities. We are here for you and your pet. We believe our pets are family and would love for your pet to be a part of ours. We offer quick let outs and dog walks in 15 minute, 30 minute, 45 minute, and hour long increments. We also offer cat sitting and other pet sitting services. We will give your pet the love they need by giving them an endless amount of belly rubs and back scratches. We also refresh their water, administer medications, and we also offer a yard poop pick-up service.


What makes Take A Hike Different? It's all in the name! We offer early morning hikes for your pet that loves to get out into the great outdoors and enjoy that fresh Colorado mountain air. Colorado has so much to offer and we would love to get your loving canine out of the city for a bit and into good old mother nature.

Hikes are first come, first serve for the first four dogs that sign up! If you have a dog with lots of energy, this is the service for them. We understand that dogs come in all different shapes and sizes, with varying levels of energy and abilities and we make it our priority to meet your dog and pet at where they are. Whether it's a dog walk, a belly rub, hanging out with your cats, or taking your pooch out for a hike in the mountains, let Take A Hike be there for you and your pet!


We service the greater Denver area and would love to make your pet part of our Take A Hike family. Send us your name, email address, a good phone number to reach you, and tell us a little bit about your pet and the services you are looking for. Feel free to ask a question or just send us a shout out! Can't wait to meet you and your furry friend and thank you for considering Take A Hike for your pet care needs! We greatly appreciate you.


Quick Let Out (15 Minutes)

This is the perfect service if your dog just needs some fresh air and relief. Whether you have a yard or live in an apartment, this is a service that allows your dog the potty break they need and some time to sniff the world around them. If your dog happens to go number 2, we'll scoop up the poop for you!

Pet Sitting

Going out of town for the night, weekend,  or week, we've got you covered. We stop by every 4-6 hours  with each visit lasting 10-30 minutes. During each visit we will take your pet outside, give them some love, feed them, give them fresh water, clean litter boxes, and much more. We also offer overnight stays for pets wanting some extra snuggle time!

Medication administration

Have a pet that has extra needs or needs a medication for any reason at all? We administer medications to the pets who need them. Add this onto another service and we have got you covered. (complimentary service)

Plant Watering and Mail Carry-in

Going out of town and need your outdoor and/or indoor plants taken care of?  Do you have special packages that you are waiting for or worried about the mail piling up while you are away? Need it brought inside to ensure that your packages are safe? We do that too! This can be added to a pet sitting service or can be provided on its own! ($10 for service or complimentary with any pet sitting service)


Pet Cab

Does your pet need to make it to the groomers or in for a vet visit? We offer a pet cab service where we can take them in for you!


Dog Walks ( 15, 30, 45 minutes, 1 hour)

We offer a variety of walks depending  on what your dog needs, we offer walks in fifteen minute increments. This service includes a dog walk,  playtime with your pet, food and water refills, and clean-up. 

Yard Poop Pick-Up

If you have a yard that your dog frequents, we offer a yard poop pick-up service. Through the use of this service we will roam through your yard and pick up any poop your pet has left behind. We can do this as a separate service, or you can add it to your dog walk, for a small fee.

Early Morning Mountain Hikes

If your dog is anything like mine, they need that extra long time outside to enjoy the Colorado wilderness and a walk that is a little more challenging, such as a hike. We offer this service early in the morning and will have your dog back around 10:30 am. Drive time is generally 30-40 minutes each way, with a guaranteed two hour hike. Dogs that get along well with others are encouraged to join the hiking team. This is a first come, first serve service that is offered to the first four dogs that sign up. Hikes are offered on Mondays through Fridays from 7:00 am-10:30 am. Times may vary due to traffic conditions.

*Only offered during the better weather seasons.




Buy a package of 20 of any service, receive 15% off! 



Quick let out

15 minute let out service for quick relief and fresh air.

Includes poop pick-up.

$13, $20, $26, $30...

15, 30, 45 Minute, & hour long walk

Let us know which type of walk best suits your pet's needs and we are there to help you out!




Pet sitting (Includes visits every 4-6 hours, one 30 minute walk, and an overnight stay)

For pets who need that extra snuggle time when you are out of town. 


Mountain Hikes

Have more than one dog?

$60 for the first dog and

$40 for each additional dog.





Pet Cab

$20/ every 30 minutes.


Yard Poop Pick-up

Yard poop pick-up added to any walk/visit service = $5 per walk/visit.


*$3 added per service per additional dog (Mountain Hike fee differs)

*Prices subject to change without notice.